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Front End Designer & Developer

No, unfortunately that's my friend's dog.

Who is this guy? Well: Web designer & Developer/Email Developer, JavaScript and AMPScript pro, Adobe CC master with 10+ years experience tinkering with HTML injection, dynamic page layout, progromatic content injection & etc, and BFA in Design from CCAD.

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I worked with Buildipedia.com for just over two years, and was responsible for new web design, article layout, and other graphic design needs. What's Buildipedia, you ask? Well, from the architect to the contractor, the DIY pro to the dude just trying to change an outlet, Buildipedia has everything you need to know about the built environment.

We Made Some Pretty Cool Stuff

Key Brands I've Helped Cultivate

Curious About My Process?

You should be! Tap to download a Process Spotlight PDF where I talk about some specifics with Buildipedia.

Rebrand of Tom's of Maine focused on sustainability and aiming towards a younger demographic.

current logo

Key Elements

Brand Identity

Package Design

Web Redesign


Web Redesign

Faithful Tools

Catalog design and redbrand. I've always been a big believer in organic textures, bright colors, and getting down to work.

Collaborative brand project for City Harvest, NYC's best food assistance program.

Key partners include myself, Danielle Deley, and Sara Sexton

Hey buddy, where you think you're goin?

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Is your website in need of a jumpstart? Are you currently looking for a design consultant or a freelancer? Maybe you're a Creative Director looking for an addition to your team? I'm your guy.

I love reviewing web design. If you think your current solution could use another eye, I'd love to look it over for a few minutes for free and offer a few suggestions on how we could work together. Reach me on social media or the tried and true email.

Disclaimer: No dogs or adorable dog related costumes were harmed in the making of this promotional website.

(Oh, yes, I write my own copy. I'm here all week, folks.)

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